Saturday, May 31, 2008

A New Look.

Joe made us a new banner, at my request. I have not got that whole making a banner thing down. Along with the new banner I decided that we just needed to change everything. To be honest I was getting a little tired of our white background. Not that I didn't love it , but I was just ready for a change. I have been wanting to change the background color for sometime but just wasn't sure about what color to go with. Having a new banner made it just a little easier for me. In changing the background color I also then had to change all the links and so on. So what does everyone think a good change? I like it, it sure makes it (and me) feel more like it's Summer. And well it's not technically Summer yet, it sure is very close... just right around the corner really.

Hope every one's having a great weekend. The weather's been a little wacky here today but the sun is out now, I think for a little bit. Off to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.


Kelly A said...

I LOVE the new banner and colors!!! It looks great Jamie!!!

Jessica said...

looking good girl!!
Hey in case you're looking, my friend Hilary does blog designs for free sometimes... You could hit her up if you wanted something else...