Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jenna's 2nd Birthday!

A weekend of fun. Jenna's birthday fell on Thursday, in which we did celebrate it then. But we also had some festivity's over the weekend. Nana came home on Sunday and so of course we had to have another birthday cake. Jenna enjoyed it all. Please note that I did not plan for her to go in the pool in her dress. Jacob insisted on going in the pool again. Jenna said she did NOT want to go back in the pool, so I did not put her bathing suit on her. When we got outside she bolted for the pool and was in dress and all before I could stop her. It really was pretty funny. I know, enough already here's those pics I promised..................


Michael B said...

love the pictures, she is absolutely adorable and seems like such a sweetheart.

The Sweet Family said...

Jenna is such a cutie! It looks like she had the best time turning 2!

Have a great week and thanks for sharing her special day with us!

Kelly A said...

YAY!!! You posted!!!

I LOVE all of the pictures!! It looks like Jenna had a GREAT Birthday!! I really love the pic of her and Jacob in their chair!! Too cute!! :)

I really feel like some sweet tooth now!!

Melis B said...

LOVE the pictures, looks like she had a great birthday!! She is getting so big!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Amy (wattsup) said...

Happy 2nd Birthday! What fun pics :) I think it is too cute that she ran for the pool in her little dress :)