Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday Night at The Family Drive-In-----------------------------------------------------------

Daddy and Jenna dancing before the movie starts----Mommy & Jenna just hanging out

Daddy and Jacob having a serious conversation----Hey where did Daddy and Jacob go?

Here's Daddy and Jacob coming back from the playground.
Doesn't he look like such a BIG boy?

Saturday-July 26th Grand Opening of our new Lowe's and Target-----------------------------

Jenna getting a feel for a real firetruck as opposed to the toddler bed shaped like a firetruck we have.
Now Jacob's turn, He loves it!

Lots of bouncing to be done--------He loved this fighting ring, but no one for him to joust with.

It was hilarious watching him with that big thing--------Now for the slide, He decided to jump from the top this was his landing.

Now inside the new Lowe's--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Now it's building time. Jacob built a tether ball thing---Mommy helped Jenna build a Dune Buggy car.

Now back into our race car cart. They looked so cute in their little aprons.
Back home for a little fun in the water-----------------------------------------------------------
We've had a pretty busy but fun two days. I am sad that tomorrow is Sunday and I have to start my work week yet again. At the last minute on Friday we were driving to Target and Joe said I wonder what playing at the Drive-In. We called and to our surprise they said Wall-E was starting it's run there. Jacob really wanted to see this movie so we decided why not. Were glad we did because we all thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was a really cute movie. Was definitely different than what I was expecting. Anyone that was thinking of seeing it should go see it.
This morning Joe suggested that we go check out our new Lowe's as it so much more convenient than the other Lowe's, plus he needed to get a couple of things. When we got there we were surprised to find that Target was open and there was a little festivities going on. They flyer we got in the mail said Target was opening on Sunday July 27th. Jacob had a ball playing around outside just for a little bit cause it was so hot outside. Joe and I spun the wheel at the booth for the new smoothie place that's opening in the center and we both won a free smoothie. We then went inside Lowe's where the kids participated in their little workshop. Jacob really enjoyed that. They have a different one every other Saturday for kids. I think Joe might have to Jacob back to that.
We have a somewhat busy week ahead of us. Nana might be coming home at the end of this week. On Thursday we're going to The Light the Night Kickoff party in D.C. Saturday we have a wedding and that afternoon we have a birthday party, for one of the kids' friend's. That's about it for now. Hope every one had a great weekend so far and enjoy your Sunday. Think of me while I am at work. Yuck! (He,he!)

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Kelly A said...

Johnny has been talking about Wall-E. I didn't even know what it was. I am glad that you guys had a nice time and enjoyed the movie!!!

I checked out our new Target yesterday and was a little dissapointed by the layout. I guess I will have to get used to it!!

I hope you have a nice time Thursaday night and we will see you guys on Saturday!