Friday, July 25, 2008

More Cupcakes!

Yesterday, Joe decided he would stop by Hello Cupcakes on the way home for me as on Thursdays they have a few flavors I was interested in. When he arrived there we (I was on the phone) discovered that Hello Cupcakes is apparently not open yet. It says on their website opening Summer 2008, and I know that somewhere on the web I read it was open. Anyway it's not. So Joe decided to venture over to Baked and Wired as we were both now in the mood for some good cupcakes. Now let me first say that Baked and Wired does not just sell cupcakes, they sell a variety of baked goods. They are more expensive than Georgetown Cupcakes, but the cupcakes are also much larger than GT. They are also a much better cupcake. Not only are they bigger but the cake was definitely more moist. The frosting was not cream cheese at least on the cupcakes I tried. When Joe got there he said that the woman behind the counter said they usually have more flavors but had sold out of a lot of them for that day. He got two of their strawberry cupcakes, a carrot cake cupcake and three chocolate cupcakes. I tried a bite of both the carrot cake cupcake and the strawberry cupcake. The carrot cake one was pretty good. I'm not really a carrot cake person but Joe enjoyed it. The strawberry one was pretty good. I enjoyed the cake it was white with strawberries in it. The frosting was a strawberry butter creme. It was a little sweet, so I could only eat so much of it. The chocolate cupcake was also really good and the frosting was a vanilla butter creme. Jenna really enjoyed this frosting and she even ate a little bit of cake, too. I have one more chocolate cupcake to eat and I think I'll have it after lunch today. Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.

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