Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Fun with Friends

Something we always love to do in the Summer is go to the Drive-in. There's not really many around anymore so Joe and I were so excited when we moved to Winchester to find that there's one right down the road in the next city. When Joe and I were dating and still lived Cali we went to the drive-in a lot but then we had to drive 45 minutes to it. Getting back to today sorry! This evening we went to the drive-in and saw Kung Fu Panda, but we didn't just go as a family this time. This time we went with friends who also happen to be our neighbors. We have been talking about going together for the past two Summers and we finally did it. It was really fun, the movie was good and the company was good. The kids had a great time both before and during the movie. Jenna is about the same at the drive-in as she is at the movie theater. Doesn't really sit for too long, constantly up, down, over here, over there and doesn't really know where she wants to be. Still fun though, just have to keep a constant eye on her. A couple of times she ventured in to the front of the van and decided to hop into her seat and buckle herself in. She then of course freaked when she couldn't get out so Mommy had to come to the rescue. Even with my little wanderer, I am still looking forward to doing it again. And now for some pics from our outing this evening.

Jacob sliding-----------Jenna hanging out on the zebra------Jacob, too!
Jenna and Jacob together------Jacob, Jenna, and Jacob waiting in line for the slide-------Now swinging 2gether
The Gang swinging again-------------Waiting for the movie to start


Kelly A said...

We had a blast too!!! John says he's NOT going again this year with Jacob!! I find it quite funny how frustrated he gets.

I thought the kids all did great!! Fun summer times!! :)

Christine said...

Looks like you guys had fun!! I wish we could have went but I just didn't think Colton and Cason would have been able to make it though the movie.