Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back on Her Own.....

Again. Jenna, my baby is really proving that she's just not that anymore. Most of you know that she's completely refused to sleep in her crib and if we did put her in it well, she tries to jump out. She gets her leg up and over the rail and well there you go. She hasn't been in her crib in months. Instead she's been in our room in Jacob's fire engine toddler bed. We finally came up with a way to get her back in her bedroom in her own big girl bed. Over the weekend Joe took off the railing on one side of her crib so, there we have it her very own big girl bed. We bought her Dora bedding because that's what she decided she wanted. Now we are on night number three of her being in her own room in her own bed. Yeah, Mommy is so excited. Hopefully it'll stick. She's been coming in our room around 8 a.m. which isn't too bad for me. In the next couple of weeks we are all, including me going to have to get on a better sleeping and waking schedule. We will be all getting up before 8 and no more sleeping in for Mommy either. Ugh... I guess I'll just have to get used to, cause it's not like it's gonna be any different next year when Jacob's in Kindergarten. Did I really just say that? I can't believe how quickly time is going by. It really seems like Summer just began and here we are getting ready to go to school now. I talked to Jacob's therapist today and he will start back with his speech next Thursday. Thursday's will be busy days for us. Preschool, lunch and then to therapy. Wow, I really got off on a tangent there. So, later on today cause it is Tuesday already, we will be meeting Jacob and Jenna's teachers. Can't wait to share, they are both really excited about meeting their teacher's and going to school. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying what's left of Summer.

A few pics of Miss Jenna in her "New" bed


Kelly A said...

YAY Jenna!!! I am so glad she is in her bed again!! It must be a huge sigh of relief for you and Joe!!

I love her Dora bedding....very cute!!

Good Luck with the Teachers today!!! We are in the same boat today :)

Michael B said...

So cute! She seems very proud of her big girl bed!!

I hope your meet the teacher day went well!! Can't wait to read all about it.


Melis B said...

Love her cute little Dora bedding. She is getting so big. I can't wait to hear all about school...hope meet the teacher went well. :)