Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet the Teachers

On their way into school
Today went amazingly well. First we met Jacob's teacher Mrs. Riley. We were really excited that Jacob got her as his teacher. As I said before she came with great recommendation from friend's. She's been teaching at BS Preschool for well over twenty years. She seems like she really loves her job. I am very happy that she's Jacob's teacher and I think that he's really going to like preschool. I also think that he's going to love her class. He walked right into the classroom today and just did his thing. He got a little goodie bag and then Jacob and I got to do a craft together. We traced his hand and then I cut it out and then he got to put it into the envelope with all his other classmates hands. Every day Mrs. Riley will pick a hand out of the envelope and which ever hand she picks that student gets to be the leader for the day. He will have one day every 6 weeks or so that he will have to bring the snack for the day and that day will be his show and tell day. One other thing I am really happy about is when I told Mrs. R that Jacob had therapy for his delayed speech, she was very supportive. She said just to let her know what he was working on in speech and she would work it into Jacob's time in the classroom. This really makes me happy because I want so much for him to be ready for Kindergarten next year. I know that he's not the only one with delayed speech and that there will be others that will have the same issues as him if not worse. I just want him to like school and I don't want him to be discouraged because of his speech. I know that Mrs. Clay is going to do everything she can to have him ready for Kindergarten even if it means going to two days a week instead of the one we've been doing. Oh, the worries of being a parent. I know I will have so many more days full of worry. Regardless of my worry he's still going to grow up and he's going to make us proud I just know it.

Making Mommy pizza............................Testing out "HIS" chair

Now onto to my Jenna. Jenna's teacher is Mrs. McGeachy, we really like her. Jenna had no problems making herself at home in her classroom. She also took to the teacher's aide Mrs. Denton very well. At one point while I was talking to Mrs. G I looked over and Jenna and she was sitting in Mrs. Denton's lap and she was reading her a book. Jenna is going to be doing a lot of different stuff in her class. They will have music and crafts. She will also have one day that she will also bring snacks for the class. Jacob and Jenna are both already talking about what they want to bring on their snack day. Too cute. I have signed myself up to be a party parent at two of each of the kid's classroom parties. I think Jenna's really going to like interacting with all these other kids her age. Also she will have one familiar face in her class, one of her friend's will be in it. Jacob will also have a friend in his class. So they won't be totally off on their own, not knowing anyone. That also puts me at ease a little bit. In just over a week both of my babies will be at preschool. No really, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to my babies.
See her purple fish?


Kelly A said...

I am so glad meet the teachers went well!! I really liked Mrs. Mc Geachy and Mrs. Denton too!!! I think it's going to be great for the little ones!!

What parties did you sign up for??? I signed up for Halloween and Christmas. Fun times are coming!!

The Sweet Family said...

I hope Jacob and Jenna's first days are tons of fun!

I can't wait to read tomorrow and how much they both did.


Jessica said...

What days are you guys going?? The girls are in Mrs. McGeachy's class too :) How funny... our WHOLE neighborhood is in that class...