Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is That My Kids???

On Friday Joe took the kids to a birthday party at Fun Expedition. One of the girls at work, her little one was turning five and so she invited Jacob and Jenna. While Megan was opening presents this is what they did........


My Jacob and Jenna the two who while at home do hug each other. But usually any hug lasting more than 6 seconds ends with both of them on the ground. One of them inevitably knocks the other one over, for whatever reason. While at this party they felt the need to just stand next to each other and hug. Don't get me wrong I really do think it's one of the cutest things in the world just a little unusual for them.
After a while though Joe did say they finally warmed up and started acting like their normal selves, some what and were running around a bit with the other kids. Overall they did have a good time. Running around playing games like golf and mini bowling, air hockey and some others. Jenna really enjoyed the cake. That was the first thing she told me about when they got home, it was a Dora cake. She shared her cake with Daddy and as usual Jacob did not have any.

I am still feeling tired a lot. Still trying to get to bed earlier. Some nights I do actually get in bed at a decent time. I really can't believe it's October 23rd. Halloween is a week from tomorrow. Next week is going to be another busy week. Tuesday I (we) have Jenna's Halloween Party, then Thursday is Jacob's Halloween Party and parade, and of course Halloween is then Friday. I will be busy on Monday and Wednesday preparing what I have to bring to each party as I am a party parent for both of their parties. I know, I actually signed myself up for all this busyness.
Besides all that I've left the best news for last. Our motor on our heating unit downstairs is broke. The good news is the part is still under warranty. At least it decided to break now and not in the dead of Winter. I just have to try and look on the bright side it could have really been a lot more than it is going to cost us. It's still going to be pretty expensive. We are shopping around, the first quote was twice as much as the second one we got. Regardless, it's Thursday and our part not being order til Friday it won't be fixed until early next week. This morning it was really cold downstairs. I think we will be spending a lot of time upstairs for the next few days. Hopefully it won't rain like they're calling for on Saturday. I'd like to spend sometime outside with the kids. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Kelly A said...

I think it's very sweet that they stuck together like that:)

I'm sorry about your heater. I hope it gets fixed asap!!!

We will see you on Tuesday. I'm sure all of the kids are going to be downright adorable in their little costumes!!

Melis B said...

That is such a sweet moment you caught on film. I love it!