Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Past Week!

Where have we been. Lots has been going on. I guess I should start with last Thursday morning our anniversary. While taking the kids to school that morning a nice police officer thought she would start my morning out right by giving me a ticket. I kid you not and I wasn't even two miles from the house. I was in the neighborhood right next to ours almost to Greenwood and that's where she pulled me over. Get this my ticket was for FAILURE TO STOP. Are you kidding me? I know all of those stop signs as I drive that way at least once a day three days out of the week. I totally stopped but she said otherwise. I was so bummed but really tried not to get too down about it. Beside Joe was not going to let me get upset about it. He said it's our anniversary and that's the last thing you need to get upset over, so I didn't. It stills bothers me now though. My fine is only $30.00 but the fees are $61.00, $91.00 total, it sucks. I hate that I have to pay the county $91.00 when I know that I stopped but I really don't think it's worth fighting over it's her word against mine.

The rest of the day Thursday turned out to be a good day. We didn't get to do exactly what we had planned but it still worked out and we were together and that's all that matters. The first chance we get though Joe has promised me that we will get our dinner at The Melting Pot. I can't wait.

Saturday morning Joe went to South Riding and went golfing with a couple of friends from work. He's never really been a golfer, something new that he wants to give a try. With a little practice I think he will be really good at it and it'll be something that he enjoys.

The kids and I just hung out at the house and then in the afternoon we packed up for our trip into Reston for our walk. The kids were really excited because they got to see their friends Gavin and Mia who we don't get to see enough. The weather was great we couldn't have asked for better weather. No jackets were required this year just long sleeves. And they seemed like a little too much at one point during our walk. It went rather fast this year. We finished faster than any other year or at least it seemed that way. Nancy had shirts made again this year for our team, and this year Jenna even had one. It was really too cute, not exactly the same but we got what would fit on her small shirt. I think we probably finished third (for fundraising) in the friends and family team category. Here's some pictures from our evening on Saturday........

With the Capitals Mascot---------------With The Chick Fil A little cow
My little cutie!-----------------Gavin- our inspiration
Playing games before our walk-------------------Mommy and Jenna, she's flying high
Getting started Daddy, Jacob and Jenna--------Jacob hanging out we're almost done
Jacob hanging out with Mia, he couldn't get enough of her--------------------Mommy and Jacob!

Jacob and Jenna enjoying one of Mommy's cookies.

Here we are at Tuesday already. Is it just me or does it seem like time is really flying by these last couple of weeks? Is Halloween just 24 days away? Before we know it Christmas will be here.


Kelly A said...

I'm so glad you guys had a nice time this weekend and that the weather was Beautiful for you!!! It looks like you guys had a blast :)

I'm sorry about your ticket:( I have seen them stationed over there a couple of times.

I hope you guys make it to the Melting Pot soon!! It really is a wonderful restaurant! I have been drooling thinking about that place lately. We haven't been in almost 3 years. WAY TOO LONG!!!

Jessica said...

Girl, I SO feel your pain in regards to the ticket... The cops in this area are so stinky sometimes!! I've seen them over in that neighborhood, SO often... It kills me.
You heard my story about failing to stop right?? Maybe you should have called her "dude", I'm sure that would have gone over REALLY well :)
It was good talking to you yesterday, hope I didn't hold you up!!