Thursday, October 9, 2008

His First Field Trip

Today Jacob and I went on his first field trip. We went to Hill High Farm. We got to go on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. We both got to pick a pumpkin and then we headed over to the apple trees where Jacob picked two apples one for each of us. After our hay ride back the class had their snack, and then they got to run around. He played with some corn in the castle silo and then he went in the hay maze several times. Also I must mention his "girlfriend's" class was also there. I got to meet Jasmine, she a very cute little girl. He also had a great time chasing her around in the maze. I took several pictures in which most of them Jacob did not want to look at me or smile at me for that matter. I think he had to many other things on his mind. So, oh well not a lot of smiles in the pictures but he still had a really good time and so did I. I enjoyed watching him run around and play with his friends. It was also nice to meet some of the moms in his class and chat with those who I already knew. We could not have asked for better weather. Thank goodness it did not rain, the sun was shinning (I think that was also part of the reason Jacob wouldn't look at me, He was facing the sun quite a bit) and the sky was clear and blue. Onto the pictures..........

Saying Hi to Mommy!---------------Checking out a calf----------------Our hay ride out the pumpkin patch
His pumpkin-------------Picking our apples----------Here they are Mommy!
Jacob and Kavon-----------------Kavon, Jacob & Mrs. Riley
Playing in the corn with Jasmine (she's the one in green)
Jacob in the maze----Jenna kissing her apple Jacob got her, she loved it.

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Melis B said...

I'm glad he had so much fun on his field trip!! I'm also glad that someone else's 4 year old has a 'girlfriend'!! :) Hee hee

Enjoy your weekend.

Love all the photos!!