Monday, November 17, 2008

In This Box

On this box that Joe found on our porch sometime last week, was a shipping label with my name on it. It came from Branchburg, New Jersey. I was not expecting anything in the mail, I had not ordered anything online for sometime. Upon opening the box I discovered that I actually WON this stuff. Then after thinking about it for a bit I remembered entering some sort of online giveaway. I think it was on Lucky Magazine's website for Lucky Breaks Giveaways. I don't really try and win too many things cause I'm not really very lucky. Every once and a while I click on the link to Lucky Breaks on Kelly's Blog. Thanks Kelly! So here's what I won:

In the box from Aloe Creme Laboratories was a letter stating I was one of 136 lucky winners and the following products....

(2) AloSun Restorative Gel Creme

(2) AloSun AfterTan Original Tube

(1) AloSun Fragrance Free AfterTan

(2) AloSun Lemon Lights

(2) AloSun Citrus Soleil Shampoo

(2) AloSun Citrus Soleil Hair Mask

(1) AloSun Organic Body Oil

(2) AloSun Swimsuit Saver Shampoo

(2) AloSun Cooling Mist Spray

(1) Curederma Eye Correct

(1) Clearderma Cleanser

Retail Value: $154.00 While I cannot use most of these products at this time of the year, I am sure I will enjoy using them next year. I cannot wait.

I am currently having a small problem with my spacing on blogger. So if this post looks totally wacky I am sorry. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am not really sure if I am ready for it to be this cold. They are calling for snow flurries, already? It's not even Thanksgiving yet. I definitely want more of a winter than we had last year that's for sure. Time will only tell.


Kelly A said...

OMG Jamie, that prize is AWESOME!!! Lucky Breaks seems to be really great with their prizes!!

I am glad that you won and hope you enjoy all of your loot! :)

Melis B said...

OMG that is SO cool!! You are SO lucky!! :) hee hee That is awesome! I always wonder if they really shipped out that stuff!

So happy for you...have a great week!!


Amy (wattsup) said...

Um - ROCK ON! That is awesome! It is always so fun to win something...what a great surprise :)